RockBottomGolf Reveals the Truth about Hybrid Golf Club Components

Often referred to as utility clubs, hybrid golf clubs have been popular for years and are continually becoming more important in the sport. They are widely used by PGA Tour pros. Even amateurs are already using hybrids in order to enhance their performance. Hybrids offer various features that can easily improve your game. It is one of the most celebrated innovations in this sport in the recent years. Golfers substitute them for the 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-irons.

They have the combined characteristics of irons and woods. This combination provides golfers various kinds of clubs that are easier to use. You can easily find different kinds and combinations of hybrid golf clubs at Rockbottomgolf. Hybrids can reduce the tendency of a golfer to make swing errors as well.

Perks of a Hybrid Sole

Just like fairway woods,ahybrid has a wide club face sole. Thin, bladed long irons offer more accuracy.However,as Rockbottomgolf has noticed, many golfers opt for fairway woods. Players think they have to swing harder when using long irons. This is because of the impression they get from looking at the thin club face of irons. This can cause a golfer to make an undesirable shot by making swings with a bad timing. A hybrid can give players more confidence as they see its wide clubface while looking down to address the ball.

Hard and Even Face

Similar to the long iron, the club faces of hybrids are even, while there is a bulge or slight curve on the club face of metal woods. Hitting the ball squarely is just a piece of cake because of the flat club face of hybrids. The hybrid club faces are solid, similar to that of the fairway woods. This will allow your shot to reach farther. This is one of the reasons why pros put hybrids in their golf bags. Even beginners can reach greater distances with a slower swing speed if they opt to use a hybrid.

Hybrid Golf

Much Better Centre of Gravity

The back and the bottom of the club head is where the center of gravity of hybrids is. If your swing speed is slow, then you will surely have no problem if you opt to use hybrid golf clubs. This is because of the location of their center of gravity. The low centre of gravity of the hybrids will enable you to make a round swing and sweep the golf ball off the turf even with a slow speed, just like with a the fairway wood. Many pros opt to benefit from this instead of using long irons that require a precise and more uptight swing to hit the ball squarely.

Getting the ball airborne is also easier with hybrids due to their low centre of gravity. Compared to iron golf clubs with similar loft degree, a hybrid can get the ball even higher into the air. Hitting the golf ball with a hybrid can also cause it to land on the green in a gentler or softer way.

Hybrid Golf Club

Woods are Taller and Heavier

Hybrids are shorter than woods and are commonly quite longer or equal to the iron they substitute for, as you might have noticed on Rockbottomgolf’s gallery. As an example, the 2-iron it substitutes is commonly 39 inches in length. A regular 5-wood is longer. Its normal length is 42 inches. Golf players cannot usually control the fairway woods,which are significantly longer and heavier, quite well.

These are just some of the important components of hybrid golf clubs. This only shows the benefits of using them as well as explains why a lot of pros opt for them. You can consider them the next time you buy golf equipment or build a better golf set. Keep in mind that the type of clubs that fit you are the most preferable ones. You can check out Rockbottomgolf’s online store to find the golf equipment you are looking for.

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Keynote Speaker: Top 7 Must-Have Characteristics

Certain professionals typically attend conferences that focus on their niches. Through these conferences, they will be able to gain more knowledge about their respective niches and develop themselves. They will also be able to expand their professional networks.

In order for a conference to be a success, that is, the professionals who attended such event can learn something from the gathering, it is important to hire a good keynote speaker. The keynote speaker will be the one to facilitate each discussion and headline each session.

So, how does one find a good speaker for a particular event? Here are the top characteristics that such facilitator should have.

1. Understands the main purpose of the event

The speaker has a full understanding of what the purpose of the event is and why he is there. He should know the theme of the event beforehand so that he will be able to prepare and deliver a relevant speech to the audience.

There are some keynote speakers who only talk in events in order to further market and sell themselves. However, a good one knows that he should be selling the idea and purpose of the event that he is facilitating.


2. Knows how to approach the audience

The members of the audience will definitely have different personalities. In this case, a good speaker will surely try to know what personalities compose the audience that he will be delivering a keynote speech to. He should be coordinating with the organizer of the event to get such information.

Once he knows his audience, a good speaker should also be able to know what approach to use in order to deliver the message of his speech. At the same time, such approach should have each member of the audience learn something about the session. The speaker will also be able to establish rapport with the audience as well as credibility on his own skills.

3. Does not use a lot of props

Charts, spreadsheets, and other props can help the audience see and read relevant data. These data are substantial in the message that a speaker is trying to deliver. However, the use of too much props can only result to confusion and excessive information processing on the part of the audience members.

A good keynote speaker lets his words bear great impact that his props. Although he may use props, he makes sure that he only uses props in a minimum amount.

Keynote Speaker

4. Knows how to humor the audience

The audience members typically lose their attention to the discussion at times, especially if the subject is too much to handle or simply perceived as boring. In this case, a good speaker knows how to use good humor to regain their attention. Through humor or other relevant entertainment, he can deliver his message without making the discussion boring.

However, it is important that the speaker knows when and what type of humor he should use. Right timing is key. Delivering humor without timing may negatively affect the outcome of the session.

5. Knows the right pace when talking

A keynote speech can either be short or long, depending primarily on the subject and other factors. However, pacing is more important. A good speaker knows how to talk at the right pace. It should be just right to be able to clearly deliver the message while the audience members digest properly the information that they are receiving from the facilitator.

6. Tells only the truth from real stories

Telling real stories that substantiate his message and relevant to the theme of the event can help you build rapport with the audience. This way, trust will be present between both sides. The audience will also see the speaker as a real person who encountered real experiences. As such, they will feel that they will most likely succeed in a particular activity since someone on stage is talking about his success in it.

7. Able to let the audience put the concept into action

Most importantly, he should be capable of letting the audience act upon the message that he is delivering. The keynote speaker is there to make a positive impact, after all. If the audience has not learned anything or did not put their learnings to action, then, he has failed.

Different methods of ending a speech may vary, depending on the speaker. He may leave a question or two related to the theme. Whatever the method is, a good speaker will surely find a way to incorporate the message into the life of the listener.

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