Things To Know About Iron On Patches


What’s better than patches? Iron-on patches. Why? The hassle of stitching them on fabric is long gone. It means that your face won’t scrunch anymore as you watch the battle between the needle and the thread. You won’t have to go out of the house and pay someone to stitch up a patch for you. It also means covering up that pesky rip on your shirt faster than a snap. Other than practical uses though, iron-on patches give almost everything life from tote bags to even canvass shoes. Or if you want, attach them to your favorite shirt to support your favorite sports teams!

We at Patches4Less make high-quality and durable iron-on patches at prices we’re sure you’ll love. Just send us your designs whether it may be a sketch or a computer file and we’ll get it done.

Speaking Of Designs

Customizing patches are all we do and yes we are very good at it. We can utilize any sketch, drawing or picture to create your patch as long as it can give us an idea of what you really want your iron-on patch to look like. Today, technology is practically living with us, so it gives us a better edge at patch-making. As the client, you can see for yourself the digital version of your patch in color and enhanced by our artist. Revisions are all free of charge. After approval, productions start and you my dear friend get to rest. We’ll take care of everything.

Now, if you want to make a patch out of a logo, or a duplicate of another patch, color matches matter; you can notify us with the colors you want for fabric and thread. Since the color in computer monitors vary, consult a local print shop or a Pantone© (PMS) color chart to know the exact color match. Visit our site, Designing and check out the bottom part of the page; you’ll see our patch color guide for both thread and twill. For the finished product though, we would much appreciate it if you would inform us if you want to avail other patch options. Visit our site and go to “Pricing”, at the right side of the page is a table with a list of patch options that can guide you.

How Much Do These Cost?

The right price depends on the size of your patch. The size on the other hand is determined by the width and length of your patch. Measure both length and width, add them together and divide the sum by 2. Pricing and at the bottom part of the page is a chart with patch sizes and their corresponding prices. Look for your calculated patch size and voilà you have the price per patch. Or to know the size of your patch and its price instantly, go to the same link and there you will fill out a form; we can calculate the price for you. All you have to do then is decide if you want to order. We know you want to.

Just How Reliable Are We?

We have satisfied many customers over the years already and we have been getting praises for the level of detail that we can embroider on each patch. Our staff has years of experience in this line of work, has received thousands of orders and has kept the level of professional work constant at a maximum. We have customized patches for sports teams, biker clubs, boy scout and girl scout uniforms, police uniforms, video games, martial arts studios, festivals, organizations, companies, you name it. We have received heartwarming reviews from our clients, for just a few years. Not too shabby.

Iron-on-patchesIron-on patches have no time period. From covering rips and faded areas in your clothes, to rewards for children and cool party favors, patches are beloved and are enjoyed by everyone, no matter what generation. Patches4Less iron-on patches are made of high quality fabric and thread. They’re professionally made, durable, easy to use, and manufactured fast. At Patches4Less, we make sure we meet with our clients expectations. Designs are all customized and we won’t charge a dime for revisions.

Rest assured that we won’t start producing your patches until you are 100% satisfied with your design’s digital outcome. Shipping is free nationwide via FedEx. Contact Patches4Less or visit now!

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